Curated by Brooke Madison, Aura (previously known as The Glitterati Gallery) established in February 2015, was initially intended to be a fashion blog but since then has become an eclectic window into her style diary, lifestyle journal, guilty food pleasures and soon to come, photography folio.

Aura is a destination for likeminded individuals with a love of clothes, food and style. Embracing constant change, Aura represents the ever changing nature of society as well as the consistently evolving ideas harvested by the creative individuals of this generation.

The name ‘Aura’ was inspired by a constantly changing energy. An energy portrayed visually through this beautiful mess of a fashion, food and lifestyle blog.


For general and collaboration enquiries please contact auratheblog@gmail.com and stay updated by connecting with Aura the blog on the social links below x


Curator & Lifestyle Photographer: Brooke Madison | Lookbook Photographer: Maddie Trinh


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