They really were.

Huge thanks to Instagram food blog, @melbfoodbaby and @bistromorgan for the donuts!

Gaytime Crunch

A Taste of Heaven – and named accordingly

Biggie S’mores

A Taste of Heaven with his mate Biggie S’mores

Flavour of the Week #1: White Chocolate and Peanut Butter Cheesecake

Today, I saw some of the most aesthetically pleasing donuts I have ever seen. I can’t imagine how 16 year old, Morgan Hipworth, founder of Bistro Morgan, was able to create such innovative flavours and art through these donuts. Quite a few times have I stumbled upon a cafe with some of these tempting donuts staring through a glass cabinet, but I finally tried them for myself at the home of these creations in Windsor, Melbourne. They definitely did not disappoint. It was so great to meet the genius behind these donuts, as well as his family who all together run Bistro Morgan.

Flavour of the Week #2: Red Velvet

Bistro Morgan

190 High St, Windsor, Melbourne

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