Ever read the ingredients on a skincare product and thought to yourself what the heck is sodium lauryl sulfate? Same.

Harvest Garden believes that you should be able to read a label and understand the ingredients in it. With no parabens, no artificial colours, no synthetic fragrances, no palm oil and no sulphates you can be more than 100% confident that what you are putting on your skin isn’t damaging your skin or the earth in anyway.

The coffee body scrub left my skin feeling silky smooth (and smelling like a cinnamon spiced latté!) After using a scrub, I always like to use a body wash followed by a moisturiser. So I used the body shop’s strawberry body wash followed by natio’s wellness body butter.

Using the matcha green clay face masque by HG, I felt as if I had been hugged by a tree. There was a visible difference between my skin before and after. Post face mask, as the directions suggested, I applied my favourite facial mist by Sukin which just refreshened my skin even more (if that was even possible).

The instructions said to mix 1 teaspoon of clay with up to 1 teaspoon of water, but I’ve never been one for following recipes.  So instead I measured the clay using the bottle cap it came with, and mixed that with 1 teaspoon of water, adding small amounts gradually until I was happy with the consistency.

Despite the label ‘masque’, the natural green clay can be multi-purposed as:

  • Spot treatment: mix with water and honey to reduce redness and eliminate acne
  • Facial scrub: with with sugar of an kind – coconut sugar would be my preference

You could even personalise it and brew up a tailor made face mask for your skin type by mixing in:

  • Aloe vera juice: anti-inflammatory ingredient known to reduce acne and eczma
  • Coconut oil: anti-bacterial and anti-fungal ingredient
  • Tea tree oil: when used in moderation, has an anti-inflammatory effect (a couple drops would suffice)
  • Facial mist: I use Sukin’s facial mist toner, but it’s entirely up to you to tailor the mask to your skin type
  • Lemon juice: lightens skin and is an antibacterial ingredient that can treat acne and blackheads

You know those lip balms that saturate your lips with moisture and trick you into thinking you’ve conditioned your lips before becoming dry and needing reapplication 10 minutes later? The pink grapefruit and passionflower lip balm by HG is not one of those.

Going beneath the surface, HG’s shea butter based lip balms have a long lasting moisturising effect.Each lip balm is a little bit different, but they all contain the same great base with the combined magic moisturising and healing powers of shea butter, almond and macadamia oil. With names like ‘peppermint and matcha’, ‘tinted rose and pomegranate’ and ‘orange, ginger and turmeric’, it’s difficult to resist purchasing the whole range. They are each topped off with anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergenic, anti-nasty beeswax, which protects your lips from the harsh and ever changing weather, particularly for Melbourne.

Call me mainstream, but the fact that HG offers matcha green tea in scrub form, masque form, lip balm and even a bath salt, is just about the most exciting thing to happen to skincare since the discovery of coconut oil. Head to their site below to treat yourself and your skin with a bit of love from nature!

Harvest Garden Products

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