Operator 25… Stay on the line


The previously old telephone exchange building, Operator 25 has embraced its history in its brand and design. The faded brick walls and the wires hanging from all areas of the ceiling emulate the appearance that the telephone building once radiated. This paired with the ironic art, Operator 25 is as playful and cosy as café’s come.

img_1650 img_1638

Their chai latté… let’s just say it brew my mind.


The corn fritters were bland on their own, but deliciously sweet and tangy when combined with the chutney and salsa. The fior de latte (or more commonly known as mozzarella) topped off the meal, balancing out the aforementioned sweetness of the sauces.


It would be an understatement to say that the matcha waffles were tasty. The green tea infused meal with fresh fruits and the surprise bursts of flavour from the rose water watermelon can only be described as an adventure on a plate.


Operator 25


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